The Holocaust .The Holocaust Was The Murder Of About Six

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The Holocaust The Holocaust was the murder of about six million Jews (Meltzer 2) by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis (“Anti-Semitism” par. 21) that happened in the years of 1933 (“Introduction To The Holocaust” par. 1) to 1945 (“Introduction To The Holocaust” par. 12). It took place primarily in Germany, within concentration camps, ghettos, and death camps (“Introduction To The Holocaust” par. 1) run by Hitler and the Nazis made to persecute the Jews. The Holocaust was the persecution of 6 million Jews and millions of others forced to live in ghettos, deported to camps, and systematically annihilated until the Allied forces liberated the remaining survivors. Jews were moved to the ghettos because they were considered useless …show more content…

21). Jews were moved to the concentration camps some time in January, 1933 (“Concentration Camps, 1933–1939” par. 3). During their stay Jews were forced to dig canals or ditches, build roads or railways, reclaim land, make airplanes, steel, munitions, and military clothing. Many Jews died, some by starvation or exhaustion, others were closed into busses that funneled its exhaust (which was Carbon Monoxide) back into the bus’s interior. Later they would be put into rooms that used pellets of Zyklon B (hydrogen cyanide) to create a deadly gas and suffocate them, but rarely ever did the Nazis shoot the Jews because they wanted to save all ammunition possible. Because of all this murder, bodies would pile up. First the bodies were buried in huge graves, then cremation was used, but soon the crematories filled up and the Nazis decided to burn the bodies in open pits (Meltzer 10-12). One of the camps was named Majdanek, and it was built in Lublin, Poland. Majdanek was one concentration camp with other forced labor camps considered as its sub camps (“Lublin/Majdanek Concentration Camp: Condition” par. 17). These words the United States Holocaust Museum said about Majdanek stated “There appear to have been three gas chambers at Majdanek; at least two were shower rooms reconfigured for use of Zyklon B gas. At least one of these two was used to kill human beings. Some sources refer to a third gas chamber, which reportedly used carbon monoxide gas as a means of

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