The Holy Book Of Islam

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On September 11, 2001, al-Qaeda, an Islamic extremist group, orchestrated an attack on the United States. Concluding in thousands of deaths and injuries; emotional distress and fear in all the civilians of the United States. Hijacked airplanes were crashed into the Twin Towers, an empty field in Pennsylvania and right outside the Washington D.C. Pentagon. These inhuman actions contradict the true aspects of the Islamic religion. The religion preaches: equality, love, peace, mercy, righteousness, morality, justice, sincerity, tolerance, truth and forgiveness. Additionally, the Qur’an wished for the followers to behave in a human and civilized matter. The Qur 'an, the holy book of Islam, addresses the knowledge that humanity is imperfect and will sin, but that is where the aspect of forgiveness comes in. Although the true meaning of Islam, many uneducated civilians discriminated all Muslims for their choice of religion and the destruction of 9/11. Resulting in many adversities being force upon the Muslim population in the United States.
After the nationwide tragedy, religious Islamic grounds and the followers were brutally attack. According to American Encounter with Islam, American Muslims were immediately faced with assaults and destruction of their holy temples. Furthermore, it states, "Anti-Muslim hate crimes-including attacks on mosques and assaults on people wearing traditional Muslim clothes..." (pg.32). The Qur 'an emphasizes that both men and women dress modestly.
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