Essay on The Hours: Women, Sexuality, and Death

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The Hours: Women, Sexuality, and Death

The Hours is a movie that won the most awards in 2002.The movie is mainly about relationships, love, and death. This movie follows a single day in the lives of three women in different time periods between 1941 to 2001.The clothes that all three of these women wore were from different time periods. It is apparent from this movie that throughout history women were faced with trials and tribulations. Through each of their lives they battled with their own identity and the roles that they should play in society. In fact, this movie is mostly based on three women and their reflection on the novel Mrs. Dalloway. Virginia Woolf is the author of the novel Mrs. Dalloway, accordingly Laura Brown, reads …show more content…

Clarissa is trying to arrange a party to celebrate the fact that Richard has won a literary award, but is getting little help from Richard's ex-lover, Louis. As she labors to help Richard through another day, he wonders if his life is worth the unending struggle. In the end, it is the individual who must determine their own destiny.

One of the prominent issues presented in this movie is sexuality; more specifically homosexuality between women. In the past homosexuality was not accepted. Virginia and Laura lived during a time where it was not acknowledged. This is most evident during the scene where Laura is making a birthday cake and Kitty visits her. Kitty stops to ask Laura to feed her dog while she's in the hospital. Kitty becomes upset when she explains the reason for the hospital stay. While Laura gives her a hug, they suddenly kiss each other. This is a shock to both women. Laura and Kitty's first foray past the bonds of friendship result in confusion and they pretend that it was not something significant enough to deserve a discussion. Fortunately, Clarissa's character lives in a time where same sex relationships are more accepted, thought not as readily. The hesitancy can be felt in a scene takes place close to the end of this film where Clarissa is in her room and her friend, Sally, walks into

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