The House On Mango Street Essay

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In a small neighborhood in Chicago where everyone knows everyone and people are afraid to go near this neighborhood because, people thought they would get jumped or hurt. This neighborhood is known as Mango Street, and there is a young girl named Esperanza(Sandra Cisneros) that lives in a old broken down home. This is her story in The House on Mango Street, Esperanza is a young Latina writer, inventing for herself who and what she will become . Esperanza did not have many friends, was shy, and very sensitive but her love to write and telling of stories has gotten her through days of struggle and confusion. All of Esperanza's childhood is filled with sadness, crazed and confused emotions, and happiness. This young girl you know as …show more content…

Being poor made Esperanza lose a major amount of confidence but it also made her more determined and strong thriving toward leaving Mango Street. When Esperanza's goal of getting out of Mango Street and into a better home is complete she will improvise that into a dream of allowing "bums" to sleep in her attic. Esperanza wants to tend to the homeless because Esperanza knows what it was like to be poor.

When looking back at Sandra's past, Sandra is an ambitious person she has done what's best for and everything that would give her better chance at life. She got a job so she could attend catholic school, and everything she focused on was because when she first moved to the house on Mango Street she knew from the start she didn't want to live there so she thrived to give herself a better life.

Some may argue that Esperanza being a Latina woman is a more aspect of her identity rather than her being ambitious. People may assert that because it has a lot to do that her name which is very important throughout the story and to who she is. This has strengthened her family culture, for example when she went to her cousins quince. That is something you would only see in Mexican culture for women. Finally it also has to do with her families beliefs which is shown when Esperanza's friends and her play sharades. Now Esperanza is scared she will go

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