Essay on The House is on Fire

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Dee sees herself as an improvement of the life which she lived in her early childhood. She has been educated and persuaded into more liberal ways of thinking than the “simple” life that her sister and mother still reside in. The house was a symbol of oppression to Dee. She saw the house as an anchor that kept her from evolving into a more independent and educated person. During the fire, Dee watched this oppression burn to the ground, a perfect symbol of her being set free of the simple way of life she wanted to leave.

B. Dee has been educated and is very beautiful, based on textual evidence. Dee’s has high confidence in her ability and knowledge of the world. This causes Dee to be confident in “disastrous” situations. She feels
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Ironically, while at college Dee picked up a love for heritage and her African roots. So, on her return home she demanded a quilt that held many scraps of cloth that represented her family’s past. Even though, she had refused them like they were worthless before.

2. 2. During this time in America, the world was starting to become more open. People started looking at people for their beautiful heritage, and not their skin color. Dee found a new love for her African heritage while at college, and most likely from this Hakim character she is with. She has changed her name and style to more suit the style of the African people. Hakim, has also adopted this way of thinking. America was becoming more diverse and mixing ideas of different people. The “beef cattle people” were most likely Middle Eastern. The country was starting to diversify, and people were bringing their proud heritage and sharing with others.

3. 3. The mother demonstrates a permanent change of character when she refuses to give the quilts to Dee. Throughout the story, Dee is referred to highly because of her education. She is seen almost superior to Maggie in every aspect. The mother feels inferior to her in a way as well. However, when the mother refuses the quilts to Dee it contradicts the way Dee’s life has occurred up to this point. Dee always got her way, but now the mother refuses to let her to keep a promise to Maggie. She knows that Maggie
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