The Hr Trend : Greater ( Job ) Mobility

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1. The HR Trend – Greater (Job) Mobility Human resources professionals who have sole HR responsibilities for their organization are faced with 10 trends affecting HRM. Thus, planning for and adapting to these changes in the workplace becomes an integral part of the HR professional’s job. The video highlights ten (10) trend affecting human resources management, one such being Greater (Job) Mobility. According to the Video, “You may find that more of your employees are willing to take short term assignments uptown or relocate to other facilities. Employees are also more willing to switch jobs within a company in order to build the resumes” ("10 Workplace Trends that Will Affect HR," n.d.). Job mobility involves movements between employers (job-to-job mobility); between occupations and steps on the career ladder (occupational mobility); between different types of contracts; and in and out of employment (employment mobility). Employees, especially Millennials or Generation Y workers, want to stay in a company that provides a range of professional opportunities and career paths where they can grow their careers (("Internal Mobility Benefits Employees and the Business | RPO Intelligence Blog," n.d.), lack of career advancement opportunities is one of the main reasons that desirable, high-potential employees leave a business. According to a recent LinkedIn “exit survey” of 7,350 members across five countries, the top reason workers left their jobs was because they wanted
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