The Human Right of Freedsom in the Haitian and French Revolutions

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Freedom of any type, whether political, economic, social, is a universal right that should be guaranteed to everyone. In the late 18th century revolutionary wars began in France and Haiti. These two revolutions, significant in their own ways, both were influenced from ideas sparked by the enlightenment. Though some similarities, the revolutions were different in other ways as well. In France the peasant and middle classes fought to overthrow their monarch, while the Haitian slaves wanted their freedom by trying to overthrow the French government which at that time was controlling them. In the year 1791 both the Haitian Revolution and French Revolution were occurring. The French at this time were in the process of making a new government …show more content…

While the third estate, the middle class of French society, held the majority, containing ninety seven percent of Frances’s population, actually had little to no power. This, combined with other factors in France and Haiti, caused them to revolt to solve their problems regarding inequality creating two revolutions that history would forever remember. The French and Haitian revolutions contain some similarities but are actually really different. The French, unlike the Haitian slaves, were under a government as citizens, not slaves, and were fighting to overthrow their existing government. In doing so they were creating one fairer and efficient that could fix not only their social needs but also repair the damage of war and debt upon the country. Haiti was a totally different situation. Haiti, as a colony of France, was under foreign control that had no intention of granting rights or freedoms to its inhabitants. In 1791, when the French were drafting a constitution and reorganizing the government, the scene in Haiti was of slave rebellions causing turmoil as plantations were burned and violence swept the land. The Haitian slaves did not adhere to a government of their own, just slave masters and the French officials that governed the land. Due to this position, the Haitians had to overthrow a military power by creating their own

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