The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

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The Hunger Games is a movie based on the book written by Suzanne Collins about the futuristic society of Panem. It is a country based off of what is today North America and is a totalitarian government controlled by what is known as the Capitol. Panem is divided up into twelve different districts and each of those districts is responsible for providing a different resource to the Capitol. These resources are what keep the government in power and give them dominance over the districts, which is also one of the main aspects of conflict theory. The Hunger Games displays how power and oppression can influence social behavior. The Capitol is able to do this with help of their large military known as the peacekeepers, which demonstrates the coercion of the Capitol to keep peace and order in Panem, much like how Conflict theorists believe our society is run. District Twelve, where the main protagonist of the series Katniss Everdeen lives, is responsible for mining. The closer districts to the capitol are responsible for various things such a luxury items and military. In the early years of Panem there was a rebellion against the capitol, which was ultimately lost and resulted in the destruction of the thirteenth district. Because of the treason of the districts, the Capitol created what is known as The Hunger Games. Each year, one boy and one girl are picked at random from each of the districts and fight to the death in a tournament. In the end, only one “tribute” survives and is

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