The Huston Rockets Back-to-Back Championships Essay

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“Keep moving the ball around and dump it inside to Hakeem.” – Rudy Tomjanovich Sounds pretty easy right. Wrong. While Hakeem Olajuwon was one the most dominating centers that the NBA has ever seen, the defense usually didn’t let him get easy buckets inside the paint. Or at least try not too. The offense that coach Tomjanovich used during the Houston Rockets back-to-back championships relied heavily on Hakeem’s post skills and the ability of their outside shooters to knock down wide open looks. This kind of offense is known as a 4-Out, 1-In Motion Offense and it is probably one of the easiest offenses that a team can use. The concept of the offense is to get the ball and defense moving and end up getting the easiest shot possible. …show more content…

This takes the defending post player away from the hoop and allows the offense team post player to go 1-on-1 with the defender from the free throw line area. This opens up the inside underneath for back cutters and dribble penetration from the wings and corners. The high post player can also be used as a screener for the perimeter players. This can cause a big-time mismatch when the defense decides to start switching the screens. The post player will have a smaller player on him that he can easier post up on or one of the perimeter players will have the post defender on them and should easily take them of the dribble for a bucket. This set can also be used against teams that like to full front the post player. The post player should move up to the high post area. If they are still fronted by the defender they should first seal the defender and then cut to the basket for an over the top lob pass. For a post player that likes to stay down low a team might like to consider using the 4-Low set. This requires the post player to move from low block to low block, or from short corner to short corner. It is also used against a defense that has a big, strong inside post defender or shot blocker that the post player can’t beat 1-on-1. This set opens up the top of the lane for 1-on-1-dribble penetration and cuts. The post player is set up to post up 1-on-1 with their defender. Taking away the shot blocker from the basket allows smaller,

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