The Idea Of Sameness In 'The Giver'

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Another thing to think about is the idea of Sameness. In chapter 11 Jonas ask the giver why do people see black and white and the Giver said that is so people don’t start judging other people for what they look like.He also so said that so people won’t end with the wrong person. Also when Jonas try to give asher color memories but it did not work on him. So only the giver and Jonas can get and give memories. On chapter 14 the night gabe was sleeping in Jonas room when gabe woke up and jonas try put him back to sleep.Jonas gave gabe the sailboat memories by accident but he could not to asher. So now we know that they don’t get to choose who get to see color and who don’t. Last what are the limitations of the people’s choices. In chapter 8 Jonas
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