The Idea Of Studying Abroad

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The idea of studying abroad is very fascinating and exciting in many ways. Studying abroad is a desire most students have always dreamt of, and I happen to fall in that category of students. For me, Asian cultures have a special place in my heart, and my ambition is to learn as much as I can about all the wonderful aspects of each cultures. Aside from my passion for experiencing new cultures, I am also a student who is interested in a healthcare profession, specifically being a physician assistant. I believe that not only will studying abroad allow me to explore and gain knowledge about a new culture, but it will also greatly benefit me further down the road of my career path by enhancing my language skills, making connections with other …show more content…

I recall being so motivated that I memorized the alphabet within a day. Although this was all in middle school, I still continue this hobby whenever I have free time until today. Last year, I took a course called “Two Koreas,” and learned a lot about the history of North and South Koreas. Luckily, the CIEE Summer Korean studies will allow me to visit Korean organizations, temples, museums, and historic sites that were mentioned in that class.
I strongly feel that it is important to value and respect all countries and their cultures. Therefore, I am aiming for students on my campus to have more exposure to Asian countries. Also, as the Vice President of All Students Interested in Asia, I have the responsibility of informing them about Asian countries and their traditions. After this abroad program, I hope to broaden their perspectives on South Korean culture by demonstrating its distinct, unique characteristics. I aspire to enlighten people with my studying abroad experience in hopes of gaining respect for different Asian cultures. It would also be incredible if sharing my experience can help others find their passion in learning about a culture of their interest. Because South Korea has many appealing aspects, such as its pop culture and historical sites, I believe that studying abroad here will allow me to accomplish my goal of educating others about the wonderful qualities of one out of many Asian cultures.

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