The Ideas Of Race And Racialized Categories From The Minds

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Philosophy is all about exploring the different perspectives people have in their minds. This was my initial thought of what philosophy was. I knew that many of the topics that we discussed in this class would stimulate my mind. Learning new theories that contribute to the better understanding of my history is something that I enjoy greatly. No matter the level of difficulty of the subject matter, I enjoy learning what I consider to be reality. Discussing not only where the ideas of race and racialized categories came from, but how they created and adopted by society at the time. Part of me became pleased that this topic was even introduced since most students choose not to talk about anything that has to do with race, even if it is assigned to them. I was pleasantly surprised with the explicitness of this philosophy class as well.
I expected some level of seriousness with topics listed on the schedule. As far as being analytical, this class required me to think a great amount. This made it somewhat difficult but, since I enjoyed most of the topics and readings, it was more bearable. It also caught me off guard because the amount of reading was somewhat similar to that of my other classes I have been in. Heading into this class have already taken few other philosophy classes, I thought that we were going to learn and explore the history of the ideas of race and gender. I was dead wrong. We started from a historical perspective for a handful of topics, but in no way, shape,

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