The Illuminati: Hoax or Reality?

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Our world is not just a world. May 1st 1776, 2,000 people in Europe were controlled by one government and joined a group to convince everyone they can rule the world. People believe that the illuminati is a group of society coming together to make one New World Order. Coming together as one New World will destroy the economy and make some people believe in Satin. This has been going on for 238 years and from this day it’s still going.
The illuminati started May 1st, 1776 in Bavaria by Adam Weishaupt (Zavada). Adam Weishaupt was a college professor at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria; he died when he was eighty-two years old. Adam had a nickname the “Human Devil”. People called him the human devil because Adam was tricky he had his ways for everything and people never seen them coming (“Illuminati Info”). Illuminati are international bankers based in Western Europe and North America. In June 1784 Bavarian ruler Carl Theodore banned all secret society members. A year later in May 1785 he designed illuminati as one of the branches of Freemasonry (Penre). Today in our world the illuminati is still going on. The government is trying to get everyone together as one new society and when they are ready they are going to come out with their plan and try to destroy our world into becoming theirs. It’s all about making one new world one new religion and one new financial system.
Even though there are a lot of statements about the illuminati some say it’s all make believe, there

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