The Immense Character Development in Antigone by Sophocles Essay examples

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Brad Moore, a famous athlete once said, “Pride would be a lot easier to swallow if it didn’t taste so bad.” In Sophocles’ well known Greek tragedy, Antigone, the main character undergoes immense character development. Antigone transforms from being stubborn and underestimated to courageous and open-minded. In reality, it is Antigone’s insular persistence that leads to her ultimate decline in the play as well as others around her. After the death of her two brothers, Eteocles and Polynices, Creon becomes the new ruler of Thebes. With this, he grants Eteocles an honorable funeral service for his brave fighting. Claiming that Polynices was a traitor, he shows complete refusal to grant Polynices a respectable and worthy service. Clearly …show more content…

She makes it obvious that she has made her final decision to stand by her brother showing an extremely poor sense of pride. She will stop at nothing to prove her abilities. Her pride takes over her thinking and clouds her from using good judgment. Antgone’s pride is exaggerated to a point where her arrogance is causing problems. For instance, it is difficult for her to admit to anything wrong she has done. Along with her close-minded nature, “it is Antigone’s splendid though perverse valor which creates the drama” (Rose 220). Her excessive pride to save her brother results in chaos for herself as well as those around her.
Love and bravery for her family is a key factor for her determination to give her brother a proper burial. She shows immense loyalty and will power as she fights for her family name. Her endurance is extraordinary as she declares "Naturally! Since Zeus never promulgated such a law, nor will you find that Justice, Mistress of the world below, publishes such laws on humankind. I never thought your mortal edicts had such force they nullified the laws of heaven..." (Sophocles 38). Antigone responds to Creon’s speech and disagrees with his proclamation denying Polynices a funeral. Polynices, hated by the entire country, is being deprived of an appropriate burial service and Antigone is determined to honor her brother correctly (Rose 219). The courage she displays is crucial factor in her character development. The devotion towards helping her brother is

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