The Impact Of Chinese Culture On Developing Civilizations

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The Impact of Chinese Culture on Developing Civilizations

Early chinese civilization was very well in control of Asia and assumed the role of ‘big brother” to its neighboring Asian countries of Japan, Vietnam, and Korea. Japan, Korea, and Vietnam were absolutely affected by China, being affected by Chinese religion, government, and sky’s the limit from there. Even if you look at current day Asia, those countries still possess a lot of Chinese influence. Buddhism and Confucianism were two critical religious frameworks in China, but were taken by the Japanese. The Japanese then reshaped them to fit Japanese lifestyles, making them different types of similar religions. The same went for workmanship and design in light of the fact that the Japanese appreciated Chinese craftsmanship while including their own particular style. The Japanese also demonstrated their legal system after the Chinese style by utilizing their own Royal Court. Though both countries had an Imperial Court as a form government in the past, the Japanese Ruler embraced numerous parts of the Chinese style, including their versions of various titles, ranks and official functions. The first established form of their constitution was heavily influenced by the way the Chinese could handle such a brought together and composed government. It’s clear that Japan actually just lived in China’s shadow for the past few centuries or so. Next up is Vietnam and how Vietnam instantly

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