The Impact Of The Walkman

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The first manufactured portable music player- The Walkman. In July 1979, Sony brought music from traditional speakers and household radios to a portable cassette tape player - The Walkman. At that time, music was not considered being personal or private but rather being shared among a group of people, journalists doubted that anyone would want to buy a tape player without a record function just because it was handy. However, the first batch completely sold out at the end of August and the demand of the Walkman continued to rise dramatically afterwards, copious new models of the Walkman were released, and by the time of 1995, the total number of productions of the Walkman had reached 150 million (Johnson, 2011). These results demonstrate that the Walkman was a gadget that earned the love of many people and it successfully changed the attitude of people towards portable and personal music. The concept of…show more content…
The Walkman was the first device that allowed the isolation of people with their surroundings, which is a commonplace these days (Costello, 2009). Many subsequent ideas after the success of the Walkman was based on the two main features of the Walkman, portability and privacy. Nowadays, people focus most of their time on these gadgets and somehow become tied to them, these gadgets formed a balloon around its user, detaching them from the real world. Pell (2010) stated that headphones and portability of new products reduced people’s interaction with each other and it became harder for people to know each other in depth. Even in crowded environments, people seemed to be in their own world, it was not surprising that there are criticisms on how the Walkman made people anti-social (Wagstaff, 2010). Therefore, the Walkman’s greatest influence was not the product itself, but the culture it
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