Essay about The Impact of the Second World War on the Position of Women

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The Impact of the Second World War on the Position of Women Women’s role in society during the 1920’s was a polarised one, were women would stay at home and look after the children and the men earn the money. However, after World War I, society had changed for the better and this lead to a better life for women. Young women started to rebel against what the previous generation thought they should act like and did as they pleased. They wore the latest fashions, short skirts, short hair and make up, and would smoke in public. They came to be known as ‘flappers’. In the 1920’s, women won the vote which shows how much more of an impact on society they know made. At the start of World War II, millions …show more content…

Even though employment for women was on the rise (25%), this was on extremely poor wages. People may have done this on purpose to stop women working and jobs to men. The NIRA code in 1933, required women to be paid less than men. Furthermore, the Social Security Act gave no protection to women. This further indicates to us, that women were indirectly discouraged to work, as it was so unfair. However, there were also positive aspects during the New Deal time. Eleanor Roosevelt was an icon for women and helped women during the time a great deal. Frances Perkins became the Secretary of Labour, which did show that women were important. Mary McLeod Bethune, a black woman headed the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People), blacks during this time fared worse than anyone else. Overall, we can see that women position before the Second World War wasn’t a great one. They were being actively unfairly treated and discouraged to work. The USA’s involvement in the Second World War began 7th December in 1941. The Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbour and FDR was anticipating this moment. America had been rapidly producing goods and the WPB (War Production Board) directed all companies to make arms. The government spent millions on the development of bazookas and the atomic

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