The Impacts Of Far-Reaching Addiction

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Imagine not being able to breath because of vicious cigarette smoke floating all around in the air. Imagine a world where everyone is high off some different drug, and doing anything they can to obtain that drug. A world where there are hundreds of overdoses and different types of deaths everyday. If people keep doing drugs this is where the world is heading. Even after one dose of any drug, anyone can become addicted. Addiction can take over the brain and make anyone do actions they would not normally do. It can also slowly or quickly end any valuable life.
Drugs can and will work to take over the brain of any and every addict. Drugs may work in many different ways to take over the brain. Drugs interfere with how the brain communicates with itself and your body. Drugs can Interfere with sending, receiving, and processing information. Drugs such as marijuana and heroin fool receptors
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Drugs can kill by the impact of far-reaching addiction. Impact of far-reaching addiction can be very fatal. Far-reaching addiction could cause cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, lung disease, and many mental disorders. Although impacts of far-reaching addiction are very serious, combinations of different drugs are usually more fatal. Combinations such as alcohol and heroin or painkillers are are fatal and common combination. That combination is deadly because all three of those substances suppress breathing in a different way. Painkillers and alcohols suppress breathing and heroin increases it. This will cause the excitatory, breathing out, and inhibitory, breathing in, to be out of balance. Stimulants such as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine can kill in a various amount of ways. They can kill by overheating, brain damage, and heart attack. Smoking can also kill. Smoking can kill by lung cancer or a nicotine overdose which will paralyze breathing muscles causing a failure in breathing. Drugs can kill in many different
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