The Importance Of A College Education

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The Importance of a College Education Many upper school students all over the country are probably asking this question a lot which is, is college even worth it anymore? Well, I’m here to tell you it very much is. A few reasons college is worth going to is education pays for its self, you owe it to yourself to want an education, college gives you option, college could lead you to create the next big thing, and finally no matter what you do with your life you’ll need a college education to do it. Now that you know my ideas let me explain a little more. One of the many reasons why people don’t go to college is because they can’t afford it or might think your money goes to waste but trust me when I say college pays for its self in the long run. When you want to get a job in the future they're going to look at your resume and they’ll want to see a college degree at least. Also on( pg.66), the text states “worker with more education have lower employment rates and-and higher earnings however ones without college have higher unemployment rates and lower earnings. Now you see if you just go to college now you’ll make more money in the future. Next up is the obligation to yourself to want a higher education. Many say there’s no purpose in going to college or I just don’t want to go but you owe it to yourself to go and believe me there is a purpose. Barack Obama once said, “Start with the reasonability you owe to yourself, every single one of you has something to offer

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