The Importance Of A Quinceañera

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A quinceañera is a celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday and her transition from childhood to adulthood. It was that time of year that my sister was turning fifteenth and my parents watch how parents stress when it comes to planning. They were thinking of hiring a party planner to be stress free; but I told them to save that money; therefore, let me handle everything. I wanted to take the challenge because I thought it wasn't going to be hard so I had five months to plan up to December 10.
That same day I offer to volunteer to be the party planner, we went to seek for quinceañera dresses. The first store and the first dress she tried on and immediately felt in love.The long puffy blue dress covering in beautiful white lining across the …show more content…

For example, my photographer friend which gave my family five hundred-dollar discount, my godfather who paid for the DJ , my uncle from Florida who paid for the four layer cake, my uncle from New York who paid a limo ride, and my aunt from Florida who gave me tips and ideas what to have in a quinceañera. Which in fact helps myself since they were the ones who did their part. The hardest part out of all was to find a court and the centerpieces. My sister asks so much of so called friends to join the court many said, but cancel last minute or said they won't wear the things we are telling them to wear. We needed four girls and five boys for the waltz and the surprise dance. Two months passed and we couldn't find no one just one girl stick with us hoping she wouldn’t drop. I hire a dance instructor and needed to cancel four classes, but at last that girl convince some of her cousins to join the court and I ask some 12 year old to help a poor girl out. First practice it went crazy, the kids didn't want to pay attention to anyone and then second practice they did it again. I let those two practices slide, but I couldn't take it anymore and gave them all a speech if they really want to be here to take it seriously if not I will replace them and I won't be sorry. Since that day they respected the instructor and me more,nobody …show more content…

It's pretty adventurous but very stressful to deal with people and find good prices for the client. I might consider doing a part time and get paid

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