The Importance Of A Seamless Utopia?

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“Valuing knowledge over everything else results in a lust for power, and that leads men into darkness” (p.35) Beatrice’s father expressed his bold opinions at the dinner table referring to Erudite and their incompetence to properly conduct the faction system, as opposed to the current governmental party, Abnegation. The Abnegation have a different set of beliefs from the other factions, the main difference being selflessness. Although selflessness is an excellent trait to have in a government, it is not the only trait needed to create a seamless utopia, the original goal of the creators. Each of the factions contain one main human trait, all of which are good and positively impact their society. All these positive traits and more is what’s…show more content…
The ‘stiffs’ have never been one for distinctiveness. This causes a conflict of interest between the others and them, resulting from only Abnegations needs being met and decisions being made carelessly, with little regard for individual needs, looking instead at the ‘big picture.’ With Abnegation’s submissive nature, they allow Erudite to create false suspicion surrounding them and the government. Leading all the other factions to believe they are uncertain, is the first step for a complete overthrow of the government. Others believe that they are weak-willed, which also causes more problems as Abnegation attempts to keep their instilled power while in the face of popular opposition. The factions do not take each other into account when making decisions as shown by Candor’s pitiless court rulings, and Erudite’s and Dauntless’s governmental alliance, a vulnerability from all points of the spectrum. Factions were built to create harmony, all representing an equal part in society, but how Abnegation was originally established allowed for more power in the hands of the selfless, and less in the hands of some possible better candidates for this high position of authority, but the Abnegation are not the sole problem in this controversial issue. The government system in Divergent’s society has been flawed from the start, with easy
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