The Importance Of Ambition In Shakespeare's Macbeth

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Abhishek Subedi
WLC, Per:- 5th

Ben Roethlisberger had the world in the palm of his hand. Already a two-time Super Bowl champ in his 20s as quarterback of one of the most respected franchises in sports, Ben was a hero to Pittsburgh Steelers fans. Unfortunately, his grace came to downfall on several occasions (near-fatal motorcycle crash in 2006, sexual assault allegations in 2008), but shocked his team, fans and city when accused of raping a college student in March, 2010. His ambition toward game and fame caused him to do anything just like Macbeth's ambition toward kingship. Likewise, in Shakespeare play ‘Macbeth,’ the Scottish Nobleman Macbeth is overcome by his own desire. His eventual downfall and destruction was a product of his blind ambition. The kingly ambition of Macbeth began a tragic that could never recover. Macbeth’s noble character is altered when he first meets the three witches. The three witches tell him a prophecy that desire an ambition inside of him, an ambition he did not seek before. Ambition is therefore the driving force of the Shakespeare play ‘Macbeth’. Macbeth is more ambitious than Lady Macbeth because he becomes out of control and forces him to murder again and again to cover up his previous deeds.
Macbeth's ambition ruled his actions and led to murder. The first point that directs his actions

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