The Importance Of Authority In A Community

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Authority is defined as the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience. Coincidentally, authority is found virtually everywhere, including in religious establishments. An issue has arose in many different circumstances, and continues to create religious debates all over the world. The issue is the amount of authority a community of faith should have over its members. Although many argue that this authority is needed in religious establishments, I disagree completely. I believe that a community of faith should possess no authority over its members. There are many of reasons why I think this, and I will soon discuss them. There are several advantages of a community of faith attaining great authority, while there is also an array of disadvantages. Likewise, there are plenty of advantages of a community of faith attaining no authority, while there are multiple disadvantages, as well. However, I believe that numerous benefits can occur when a community of faith attains a lack of authority over its members. To begin, there are several unique advantages that occur when a community of faith attains little or no power over its members. Between having unanimous power, increased diversity, creating trust, and attaining community leadership and participation outline a rather lengthy list of potential benefits. Coincidentally, I find this technique to be rather beneficial. It is vital to advance one’s understanding of these potential advantages due to the

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