The Importance Of Bad Words In Writing

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When you had to hear some damn bad words like BS, I just started to think it was somebody that close to you was getting through some parts of your life that have been tough in some sorts of situations that you are tirelessly had to endure. Some damn bad words that I had experienced in my life were always negative on social life but not in academic ways. I always hear them in person or when someone is talking to somebody about something bad situations that they had to endure. From my writing experience, I never used some BS to some sentences through all my essays because I think it was violated to some sorts of way to explain my ideas in the essay. Also, I did sometimes prevent making BS or any bad words into my writing because I don’t want to something very terrible when someone reading my essay unless I read it. On the other hand, I will be able to cut off some points on writing anyway. For any insertable reasons that people have to endure in life, I believe that I have my own ways that I always hear or to say some damn bad words while you or others have bad news, overcoming something very tough for me to handle, and even though you still have to avoid any damn bad words in writing because I’m trying to make a good impression to anybody that you going to write about.
I believe that there are many specific reasons that people like me sometimes have to said or hear some bad damn words. There are many perspectives that I believe I have to BS based from bad mood or doing

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