The Importance Of Christian Vristianity In Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Those who seek power will stop at no cost, sacrificing anything to accomplish their conquest, losing sight of who they are in the process, eventually twisted by the power they possess until they become evil. Christianity is a necessity in society and Bram Stoker tells a cautionary tale about abandoning one’s faith in his novel Dracula. During Stoker’s time, the rampant introduction of new technologies following the first Industrial Revolution and during the second caused many to abandon their Christian beliefs in the pursuit of science and advancement. With the abundance of discoveries and improvement of life, “God was not only no longer necessary for progress, but he was not necessary for life itself” and “science would become the new faith of the masses” (Christy). However, without Christian faith, people lost sight of the values and morals associated with it, essentially becoming soulless without it. Stoker utilizes vampires to symbolize the religious condemnation of society upon turning away from Christian values. If Christianity is abandoned, then people will become the monsters that vampires are. Stoker’s warning is seen through the vampires’ perversion of the Christian faith, the power that Christian icons hold over vampires, and the theme of sexuality.
Similar to how people abandoned religion in pursuit of science and advancement, Count Dracula perverts the Christian faith to obtain more power. The very basis of vampirism includes the same elements of Christianity,
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