The Importance Of Concussions In Sports

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¨The concussion crisis has changed the face of sports as we know it and it has brought to surface the incredible importance of our brain health. The time is now for us to make our brain the number one priority so that education and awareness can take effect, and begin to change the way we approach the health of our athletes from youth to professionals¨(Ben Utecht). As people, we need to worry about safety of our athletes first, rather then putting them on the field for the money. Concussion Protocol is a system which determines if athletes are allowed to go back in and play. Concussions are injuries to the head ranging from mild to severe and can hold one out of sports and other activities. As well as being able to determine someone's future, so this determines whether not to continue playing. A change in rules will help athletes become safer and more comfortable playing the game. Through assessing specific regulations which deal with concussions, concussion protocol and rules need to be changed; therefore, in order to protect athletes before leading to future health problems.
Concussion protocol and rules have had a huge impact in athletes the past couple of years. Concussion protocol varies causing inconsistency in future health risks for athletes. Concussions are a common risk found in all sports. ¨A concussion is the result of a blow to the head that may cause a temporary loss of consciousness. The brain rocks inside the skull, sometimes smashing against it, producing

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