The Importance Of Conflicts In The Jungle

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The Jungle by Upton Sinclair is a tough read that teaches the corrupt policies of capitalism. The narrator, Jurgis, struggles with his new life in America because it isn’t the ideal dream that most immigrants have. Jurgis’ struggles are understandable, but there are many who have never had to experience what he has so it is harder to sympathize and compare oneself to that of a character with no similarities. However, this novel also teaches the hardships immigrants typically went through during their transitions, or their lives in general, in America while also providing the reader with healthy confusion. This novel establishes a sense of confusion, uneasiness, or worry while also making the reader feel pleasure or happiness. There are several instances in the novel where the reader experiences this healthy confusion while learning about the differences in lifestyles between the fortunate and those looking to have a new life but encounter conflicts. Most scenes in this novel are sad, but also have happiness buried deep within the text or meaning. In The Jungle, Jurgis struggles with his life in America and has trouble finding a job to support himself, his family, and pay off his debts, like the wedding. He is able to find a job, but it does not pay well and the working conditions are horrible. After hurting himself and going to jail, he is unable to find another job and does whatever he can to try to make money. The union workers eventually become aware that they

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