The Importance Of Conservation During The Progressive Era

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Conservation was the most important reform, from this time period, since it worked towards protecting the United State’s physical environment which leads to obtaining the essential resources of nature, preserving the naturality of the planet, and living a higher quality of life. During the Progressive Era the Second Industrial Revolution was in action, sprouting new technological advancements and ground-breaking creations or processes. During this era, new inventions were being made and big monopolies were increasing their use of natural resources to a point where it was becoming harmful. One of the areas of resources that was becoming alarmingly low was forests and lumber, leading to the Forest Reserve Act of 1891. This act, which occurred during the conservation reform, allowed the president to choose forests of interests and claim them as reserves, protecting them from being harmed or negatively affected by big businesses. With the Forest Act many other acts protecting the Earth’s resources sprung up as well. All of the acts that were passed restricted important resources from being wasted and blatantly used for company production areas. These acts, enlisted in terms of the government, would allow the president to choose areas in which resources could always exist and couldn’t be overused. The areas chosen would include places with plentiful natural assets and a large range of land. This early protection against the act of overharvesting, lead to people being able to

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