The Importance Of Education In Education

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George Mombiot pulls few punches when talking about the modern educational system and its pitfalls. In Monbiot’s eyes it is a “defying dehumanising system” (2017, para 7) that inevitably leads to the end of creativity and natural, child-like curiosities; both are things Monbiot believes should be focused on and encouraged, a point that many people agree with, but few have acted on. There are schools and individuals making significant strides in changing the way curriculum is administered, but a large-scale implementation seems like a long way off. Bigger issues remain regarding the fundamentals of our current system that need to be addressed before we try and move on from it. We can not simply abandon the basics in favour of specialized education; we need to find a balance.
Despite the outwardly positive light Canadian school systems are seen in, a study by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada showed that 48% of adults lack sufficient literacy skills “to function well at work or in daily living” (Sorensen 2013 para 18). In 2013 it was estimated that by 2016 there would be over 550,000 unskilled, and consequently, unemployed workers while over 1.5 million skilled job vacancies existed (Sorensen 2013, para 4); it is highly likely that a significant portion of that half a million also find themselves in the 48% of illiterate adults. It is very possible that the half million unskilled and unemployed are there through some external circumstances, maybe they never entered

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