The Importance Of Free Education

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Many people in society abuse the opportunity of receiving a free education and don’t give a damn about earning a diploma. For instance, some folks like me come from a low-income community, see it as an opportunity of change & a life with positive vibes. Viewing the world crying for a free education inspired me to finish high school and decided to continue-on my education to help the world receive a free an education. Achieving this milestone wouldn’t be possible without my family perseverance & love, my educators for pushing me when I had no faith in me, and last of all my community. My family originally being from Guatemala has me inspired to excel in school. Both of my parents as a child had no choice, but to give up on academics for it was time consuming and pricey too. As a result, they had to survive by learning how to maintain a farm and be able to run a business efficiently However, my parents seen an alternative to support their family in the U.S. for wages are more reasonable. Starting a new life in the U.S. wasn’t easy, even more when they don’t know how to speak English; leading them to jump job to job. Their testimony and first-hand experience made me [realize] that I need to get my priorities [straighten out]. They had to live this life since my junior year of high school, they been doing landscaping & field working for 30 plus years. As the youngest child, I understand how much a diploma means to my parents, so I finished high school with 2 recognizable

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