The Importance Of Gender Equality

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Ever since the beginning of time, women have been fighting endlessly to be treated equally and fairly, whether it’s in their personal life, their business careers, or their social encounters. From the day in which women are born, they are raised and treated differently compared to men. Girls are expected to be sensitive and sweet, meanwhile boys are usually more tough, and expected to mature a bit faster. Girls are protected more in comparison to boys and as they grow, the way society treats each gender stands out more. Women are limited to certain professions because they are not men, and in situations where they can actually work the same jobs, they are paid much less. Throughout time, women all over the world continue to be sexualized and judged based on their personal opinions. While many nations have slowly begun to embrace women’s equal rights, Islam continues to oppress women by limiting their self-expression, using their religious misconceptions to abuse and control them as a whole, and constantly maintaining old cultural traditions that prevent freedom and equality for women.
As formerly stated, women’s rights across the world are slowly increasing while they remain the same or even worse in some parts of the world. In America, women can vote, be a part of Congress, choose whatever career they want to study, live wherever they please, marry whoever they love, and much more. In Europe, gender equality is one of the core values in their initial founding treaties, and

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