The Importance Of Hate Crime

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This crime came at a time of rising ant-Muslim tension and hate crimes that have been occurring nationwide. Beyond the shared sense of the need to stop hate crimes and change the status quo of different races, political bureaucracies play a major role in determining and implementing changes like social reforms. This is unfortunate, for people and the power elites (i.e. politicians and people with influence) may have different agendas. The preconceived notions that come along with terms like “race” and “religion” are not natural phenomena, they are socially constructed. If the majority of people believe that race and religion should not matter in society, why have policies toward preventing discrimination been stagnant? What is it that makes change so difficult? To understand why change has proven to be so difficult, we need to deconstruct the cultural, power, and structural elements within a society. These are key sociological concepts used to discuss complex societal issues. Culture explores why things are done the way they are, and why people act the way they do. This provides a basis for determining what society considers “real” and “normal”. This concept is crucial when analyzing the difficulties to change because it determines what values we should support, and what ideologies should reject. Power is central to making change difficult because it is the ability to influence the actions of individuals by defining their choices. These can include all forms of influences

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