The Importance Of Heroism

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Do people need a cape and superpowers to become a hero? We all think of a hero as someone who is powerful, someone who can fly and shoot lasers from their eyes. Superman, for example, people admire him because he sacrifices his life for others. But ordinary everyday people do the same thing as well. A firefighter who battles deadly infernos, a police officer to cuff the bad guys, and even a mother, who will do whatever they can to protect their child. While one does not need a cape or superpowers to overcome a life-changing event, heroism means having responsibility, and holding bravery against your terror. There is no need for a supernatural ability to overcome an event that may or may not be life-changing, but it is a difficult challenge to succeed. Most people would doubt themselves, "throwing their hope and confidence into the trash. Certain individuals who don’t give up, display a heroic act. Like Tristan Eugene Segers. Segers was a soldier, who had a life struggling incident happen to him. He was in Afghanistan at the time, not expecting to meet up with a bomb. The bomb caused Segers to lose a leg, which was very hard to adapt at first. In the article, “Soldier Home After Losing His Leg In Afghanistan”, a soldier with one leg displays the same actions as an ordinary person would with two legs as the text stats, “Segers wear shorts in the warm summer weather, not even pretending to hide his prosthetic leg. He has run a marathon. A specially designed gas pedal is on

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