The Importance Of High School Education

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Sometimes I wish I was four again. The amount of imagination and creativity that a four year old has is vastly more impressive than that of a high schooler. Harper, the four year old I babysit every Sunday, has never-ending amounts of energy, excitement towards reading, and is intoxicated by learning how the world works. Me, on the other hand, not so much. Like other high school students, I find myself bored and annoyed with school readings, apprehensive about life outside of school, and dragged down by the everyday hustle and bustle of school, homework, and extracurriculars, all while still trying to be socially active. Kindergarteners get to learn about new topics and interests, but by the time those children are in high school, they are …show more content…

And this is exactly what I need to know when I am trying to file my taxes five years down the road. What am I supposed to do with the “the calorie content of the diet of worms” (Nemerov) when I am trying to raise a family? As Howard Nemerov exemplifies sarcastically in his poem, To David, About His Education, in order to be a grown up students must know what school provides, especially the “square root of Everest”. But of this information that students learn, some is necessarily for life, some is not. Will I need to know all the fine details about The Battle of Hastings or what worms consume in the future? Probably not --but it could be used by someone else, like a worm farmer near Hastings, England. But it is not so much the content being taught that education is neglecting, it is neglecting how it is being taught and why it is being taught. By the unsolicited overfilling and overuse of our minds, with noninformative information, students are not able to enjoy the experiences and knowledge that school can provide.
But this is not the way for all schools, all classes, or all subjects. Now that I have had the chance to stray from the common curriculum of high school; now that I am away from the boring subjects that I did not want to take, I am able to take more hands-on classes where we are able

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