The Importance Of Immigration In The United States

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Over the years, Immigration has altered in numerous ways that have changed the lives of millions in the U.S. These alterations, such as ICE cracking down on the colored, and immigration has influences on all of the colored people. It has led families to being torn apart, and many children in the U.S left alone without their parents. In the past, once the immigrants had reached the U.S and stayed for a certain amount of time, and was able to have their own land. Drastically, immigration has changed over the years based on freedom, and the length at which their freedom extends. Even though the U.S has tried to stabilize the immigration system by giving people fair chances, the truth is that immigrants, specifically Mexicans, are there in “containment” because of race and received the worst treatment while awaiting deportation.
Immigration has changed a lot over the span of hundreds of years. In the beginning, many immigrants were able to come to the U.S and quickly find work without the company's asking any questions at all this was during the industrialization of America. However, in the 1840’s and 1850’s most of those immigrants were Irish, German, Chinese, and much more. They were treated like everyone else. They were paid the same, given the same jobs, etc. this was known as the industrial revolution, which was a big step forward for the immigrants that were looking to change their lives for the better. And if we look at how we are right now, we can see that there

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