The Importance Of International Trade

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International trade is not only a way for a country to receive merchandise, but it can also have an impact on the economy. This is very important when it comes to acquiring materials to produce final products. With this, a key factor is companies are able to expand to more consum-ers and open new markets. Additionally, if they are to import raw materials there is the potential that they can produce more advanced products that will benefit others. The amount of careers created will help others buy merchandise and even develop new technology. In the end, coun-tries are able to move up in the economic structure due to trading. First, it should be determined what is required to be considered international trade. Many nations are not able to source their own materials to create products that they need to make advancements in all aspects of the economy. International trade allows countries to ex-pand markets for both goods and services that would not typically be available (Heakal, 2015). As a result, an individual is able to go into a store and purchase items that are not harvested from their host nation. For example, if someone wants to go to the store and buy Brazilian coffee they are able to do that. How the coffee made it from one country to another is by international trade. With this, there are countries that are able to advance their economy by completing trade deals with other nations. International trade is able to open up different markets for companies.
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