The Importance Of Judaism And Judaism

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3. Significant Passages:
“Salt was to the ancient Hebrews, and still is to modern Jews, the symbol of the eternal nature of God’s covenant with Israel...On Friday nights Jews dip the Sabbath bread in slat. In Judaism, bread is a symbol of food, which is a gift from God, and dipping the bread in salt preserves it—keeps the agreement between God and his people” (Salt, p. 7). This passage discusses the importance of salt to Jews, especially during Sabbath. Judaism utilized salt’s preservative properties to represent their eternal connection to God. This belief was common in many other religions, where salt has a significant place in their customs and traditions. The religious value of salt affected trade and commerce between people, thus shaping the global economy.

“The search for salt has challenged engineers for millennia and created some of the most bizarre, along with some of the most ingenious, machines. A number of the greatest public works ever conceived were motivated by the need to move salt...Trade routes that have remained major thoroughfares were established, alliances built, empires secured, revolutions provoked—all for something that fills the ocean…” (Salt, p. 12). This passage discusses the importance of salt to world history as a whole. Salt, a substance abundant on Earth, has motivated humans to alter the Earth in ways that otherwise would not be possible. Many advancements in the last millennia pertained to salt. Salt has shaped society and economics to the

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