The Importance Of Learning Disabilities In Education

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Students with learning disabilities first and foremost need help to learn the material presented in K-12. However, it is important to help the students prepare for a college setting as well in which learning disabilities also play a huge role. It is not only important for school institutions to help students with learning disabilities prepare for college, it is also important that the family is supportive and helpful in order for the student to succeed. If parents are willing to help the student succeed, there is a higher rate of the student actually succeeding and making it through college to a bachelor’s degree (Showers & Kinsman, 2017). However, there are several complications for students with learning disabilities that have to convert from the K-12 schooling system to a college setting. The tutorial services at several institutions are general and not specific for students with learning disabilities and these students therefore have a hard time adjusting to this school setting because they do not get the help that is needed in order for them to succeed. Students receive less academic support and are further expected to succeed through independence at college institutions, which can be difficult for students with learning disabilities that count on academic support as well as often have a lower level of independence when it comes to schoolwork. It can be a frustrating time for students with learning disabilities if a college institution does not have a learning

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