The Importance Of Legal And Ethical Issues In Nursing Practice

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Introduction Registered Nurses (RNs) and nursing students may confront complex legal or ethical issues in nursing practice (Cerit & Dinc 2012). RNs and nursing students are required to have knowledge of legal and ethical requirements relevant to nursing practice, and are expected to abide by them (Heaton 2015). When facing a legal or ethical problem in practice, RNs and nursing students should identify the issue, and consider its legal and ethical implications in a decision-making process in order to draw an appropriate conclusion (Then & McDonald 2014). In each of the three Case Studies, this paper will identify the main issues and discuss the legal requirements for nursing students and RNs, and the implications for the education provider or health facility. This paper will also include personal reflections for each case study, involving discussions about ethical considerations. Case Study One One of the main issues identified in Case Study 1 is the health impairment of the nursing student because it may cause the detrimental effects on the care of clients. The legislation that relates to this issue for the nursing student is Section 28(a) and 28(b) of the Queensland Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (the WHS Act), which states that while at work, a student gaining work experience is obliged to take care for his own health and safety, and ensure that his acts do not harmfully affect the health and safety of other persons. Another issue identified in this Case Study is the

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