The Importance Of Literature

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Why do schools put such an emphasis on English and literature? Without English, there would be no communication. Communication indisputably stands as one of the most essential cornerstones of society. Without communication, nobody could work together to even get close to creating aircrafts or a balanced judicial system. However, English also brings on an art form: literature. The written and spoken word rolls and crashes like a monstrous wave with the ability to move people, swelling and pulling while reaching incredible distances, powerful to experience yet almost none can resist the urge to stop and listen to its impact upon the earth. It comes from the deepest depths of mystery and yet one can find peace and inspiration in it. When one …show more content…

Although he gave quite a clever approach to the situation, Doyle’s plan backfired- they accepted his terms (Doyle XIII). Therefore, not only did he need to write more stories, his fiscal demands resulted in more pressure from the magazine for quality content. Eventually, Doyle decided to write the infamous fate of the fictional detective: falling off of a ledge at Reichenbach Falls during a battle with his nemesis, Professor James Moriarty. Doyle felt that he provided Holmes with enough of a canon and wanted to move on to greater things. However, after Holmes’ death, Doyle’s audience seemingly went utterly mad. Over 20,000 people cancelled their subscription to the Strand Magazine (Sutherland par 3). On top of the massive loss of subscribers, the Strand Magazine received letters of protest, and so did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In fact, widespread rumors state that people wore symbols of mourning on their clothing the next day (Armstrong par 4). After this chaos, Doyle wrote Sherlock Holmes stories in past tense in the style of flashbacks, although Holmes eventually received “resurrection” with an explanation that nobody saw him die (Doyle XIV). The short stories and novels undoubtedly affected lives in Victorian England, but these captivating tales spread their influence far past

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