The Importance Of Living In The New World

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As the force grew stronger I knew my time with the internet was growing shorter. No more youtube, snapchat, and even instagram. I didn’t know where to start. I started by checking my snapchat and saying goodbye to my internet friends. When my last goodbye came I switched to instagram where I checked my feed and posted my last post. My last stop was youtube. Oh, sweet youtube. It had gotten me through some rough times and it will get me through saying goodbye. As my video ended, so did my internet, forever. I was devastated. The next couple of days were rough, but I learned to live and survive in the new world.

I would enjoy staying in my country forever far more that leaving it forever. The reason I chose staying is because I have my …show more content…

I found the perfect tree and attached myself there. I turned into the perfect leaf on the perfect tree.

Invisibility is the superior answer because it has many more uses than flying. One of the many great uses would be to sneak up on your unsuspecting foe. If your enemy couldn't see you, then you could do whatever you want to them and they would not know where to attack. As you can see, if you could turn invisible then you could take out your enemy without them knowing what hit them.

P- If humans had their skeletons on the outside of their bodies, then we would have to be more careful. E- Our bones could break much more easier than normal, and other things could even chip our bones. E- If I jumped off of my loft bed I could potentially break one of my bones. If someone tripped they could chip, or even break a bone. L- Therefore, everyone would have to watch out more or they could chip or break their bones.

Strunk said that sentences should have no unneeded words like a drawing should have no unneeded lines and things like that. He says all sentences don’t have to be short though. You should still make it detailed, but just not a lot of unnecessary words and phrases.

“The only way to turn back is to make an invention to make ant life easier” Said the queen.
“Ok, Milady” I said
I looked around and found some supplies in the supplies center. I found food, leaves, twigs, anything that an ant can carry. I gathered my supplies and got started. It felt like days

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