The Importance Of Maturity In The Bean Trees

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Maturity can be defined in different ways and aspects by different people, and people somehow will become mature at some point in their lives. Some experience they can reach maturity when becoming parents, while others experience maturity is when they can handle, manage lives and take responsibilities for things they do or when they have commitments for their lives. In the novelThe Bean Trees,” Barbara Kingsolver successful creates a protagonist, Taylor, who goes through a “coming of age” to become a mature woman. Taylor decides for a better life by leaving her hometown Kentucky and heading west. During Taylor’s journey, she adopts and takes care of little girl, Turtle, who changes her entire life. Arizona is not only a home with adopted Turtle, but also a place she makes friends with people have different destinies, personalities such as Mattie, Lou Ann, Estevan and Esperanza, Mrs. Parsons and Edna. By interacting with different types of people, Taylor changes in many ways: she becomes more mature, experiences and accepts motherhood better and broadens the worldview. She joins an established community, learns, understands and appreciates the priceless of nature, friendship and community relationship. Throughout her journey, Kingsolver describes how Turtle helps Taylor’s acceptance of motherhood which changes in terms of more responsibilities and cares about someone’s life rather than her own. Moreover, Taylor’s relationship with Turtle helps connect with Mattie and Lou

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