The Importance Of Medication Errors

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Introduction Medication errors result in over 700,000 emergency department visits each year in the United States, and nearly two-thirds of these hospitalizations are due to accidental overdose (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014). Missed doses or overdoses are one of the problems related to medication safety (Anthony, 2015). A medication error is any act or occurrence which causes or leads to a patient receiving inappropriate medication treatment (Potter & Perry, 2014). Errors can occur due to failure to follow procedures related to medication administration, lack of communication between healthcare staff, deciphering illegible handwriting and underlying system factors, such as distractions and time constraints (Potter & Perry, 2014). Technological advances such as networked computers and other innovations have been placed in hospitals to study its impact on medication adherence; the following paper will compare and contrast these findings. First Article Summary The first article aims to alleviate the issue by implementing a bar-code verification technology within an electronic medication-administration system (bar-code eMAR) which allows delivery of the correct medication, dose, and time to …show more content…

While these innovations have helped develop and enhance several procedures, its automated purposes can lead to errors resulting in greater damage than treatment. Extreme dependence on such systems becomes challenging while providing care and limits healthcare practice. Both articles focus on opposing studies; as one highlights the benefits of technological advances, the other study assesses the risks and disadvantages effecting client safety. Thus it is important to understand that the healthcare industry is adaptive to ever changing technologies, yet an entirely effective solution has not been discovered resulting in medication

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