The Importance Of Medieval Life And Society In The Medieval World

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The middle ages were a time of despair and darkness that was scattered across the world. Events such as the Black Plague and the Crusades played a major part in how European society began to form. Both the Kingdom of Heaven and The Seventh Seal give viewers an insight into medieval life and society. Kingdom of Heaven, starring Orlando Bloom, is about a young man who quickly rises to the top of society and then defends Jerusalem against Muslim invaders. Balian, a simple blacksmith, is greeted by his estranged father, a Lord in the countryside. In an effort to erase the sins of his wife and himself, Balian agrees to voyage to the Holy Land with his father, Lord Godfrey. The journey is bombarded with dangers and in a skirmish, Godfrey is badly wounded. At a stop in the road, Godfrey dies from his injuries right after making Balian his successor. The former bastard is now a Lord whose father was highly respected in the middle east. Balian, now named the Baron of Ibelin. At this new position, Balian attempts to create the best conditions for his people, providing sources of water for families and children. He is well respected by the people, but his good nature conflicts with the other Lords and rulers in Jerusalem. Guy de Lusignan and his ally Raynald of Chatillon continue to defy the current king and Balians ideals when they attack innocent Muslim caravans and order assaults on innocent Muslims. The Muslims eventually pursue Jerusalem and siege the city. Balian

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