Moral Ambiguity

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Everyone in the world has their own sense of morals and ethics depending on their lifestyle, area, and age. Morals are crucial as they define our character. They define our sense of personal and social relationships and combined with other people, ultimately defines our society. While our crime rates are decreasing, there lies a new challenge, and that our morals are vanishing. This subsequently is destroying our societies and cultures. As each new generation of children is born, they are molded by our corrupt world. Each generation, to be continuously born into a world that is spirally into a darkness in which greed is our sole motivator.“I think it is fair to say that during World War II there was a high sense of purpose. The country had a very clear vision of its own standing, of its own morality. It was not an ambiguous time. Today, we live in a world that is highly ambiguous, very fractured, with many of the historical, traditional values in a state of collapse” (Friedrich St Florian) The world morals have various connotations to different people, and by its very nature, is too subjective to be formally defined. The word originated from the words “mor” and “mores” meaning custom, and morals, respectively. Oxford dictionary defines morals as “Concerned with or derived from the code of behavior that is considered right or acceptable in a particular society.” However, the last two words; “particular society” is what results in the wide spectrum of morals. Morals are what

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