The Importance Of Music Therapy For Children And Their Families

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The Importance of Music Therapy Chalisa Asawathitirat ELS Thousand Oaks Outline Introduction Thesis statement: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the subject of music therapy in terms of the way it works, importance, as well as reflect on the the impact and benefits of music therapy for children and their families. Why is music therapy important? Who can benefit from music therapy? Benefits of music toward patients How does music therapy work? Music therapy and children What do music therapists do for children? How does music therapy help family? How does music therapy help kids Family Interactions Conclusion The importance of Music Therapy Nowadays, in the society a lot of people get more stress from many situations and some people will have some health problems. Therefore, the music therapy will be created to diminish strain, express feeling, improve communication and treat people who have health problem. Music therapy is defined as “therapy based on engagement in musical activities: the therapeutic use of music (as to reduce anxiety, improve cognitive functioning, promote physical rehabilitation, or enhance interpersonal communication) that typically involves listening to music, singing, playing musical instruments, or composing music” in In the other words, it is the practice of using music or instrument helping people decrease pain, concern, stress. Moreover, music therapy can include singing, creating,

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