The Importance Of Music Therapy

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Music Therapy: Making Miracles One Note at a Time
Miracles come in all sizes. Sometimes a smile in a psychiatric ward can mean internal healing in someone with depression. When the "Happy Birthday" song means more than just becoming another year older. Music therapy can help make these miracles, however small, possible and much more likely. Music therapy can improve the quality of life for those with medical conditions.
Music therapists use music to benefit patients by reducing anxiety and can influence relaxation in a hospital setting. Board certified individuals use various techniques to help patients forget about their difficulties (Green). Music therapy has many proven benefits and has an important role in many pediatric hospitals (Mechanic, Burns). Music therapy is a way to motivate people, who have sustained an injury or have some type of medical condition, to work hard to improve their lives or to draw them back to where they were.
Music therapy helps rebuild language after a traumatic episode. It turns out the brain can heal itself if the patient uses the correct protocol. Protocols such as music, speech stimulation, and melodic intonation therapy has proven to help patients relearn to speak (Moisse). This shows that it is possible to rewire the brain and relearn how to speak as long as they follow the protocol and are willing to work hard for it. Some researchers are finding that the brain is hardwired to process and understand music, even if they are not

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