The Importance Of PED Use In Sports

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Literature Review 2 Mark Nunes Arkansas State University Abstract In his study, McKeever cites moral reasons for prohibiting performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) in professional sport. The first reason for prohibiting PED’s cited by McKeever was when athletes compete against each other in a sporting event they form a natural bond. This bond requires trust to maintain, and if both sides are not honest about PED use then that can damage the spirit of competition. The second motive for prohibiting PED use in professional athletes is equality. McKeever believes that for competition to be fun for all sides then the playing field must be level for all sides. If some participants are unwilling to follow the rules then they are preventing the rest of the participants from playing in a fair arena. McKeever offers a solution to PED use in his paper. He claims that more diversity among sporting leagues would alleviate the issue of athletes using PED’s. If some leagues were created that allowed athletes to use PED’s then athletes would have the autonomy to choose which league they would rather participate in. McKeever also states that athletes, and people in general, need autonomy to be content. The problem with his scenario is funding. If there is not enough funding to create the autonomy needed then McKeever claims that morally we must shift our viewpoint to allow PED use in professional sport. Body There are numerous studies that cite various reasons for prohibiting

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