The Importance Of Poverty In Education

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Whether it’s the constant chatter of Common Core State Standards or a somewhat unorthodox pick for the United States Secretary of Education, there is daily chatter surrounding education and school reform. The current zeitgeist encompassing school reform and student achievement has caused state systems to take a closer look at the alignment of curriculum, instruction and assessments used in classrooms (Roach, Niebling and Kurz, 2008). The lack of understanding of poverty in preservice teachers present major societal barriers when instructing students. The importance of teachers cultivating an understanding of poverty is almost as important as their content knowledge. Cho, Convertino, and Khourey-Bowers 2015 article “Helping preservice teachers (PSTs) understand the realities of poverty: innovative curriculum modules” presents findings from a study that developed additions to a curricula to aid preservice teachers in awareness and understand of poverty. They believed that new teachers should begin their careers knowing the influence of poverty of students’ academic experiences, and how to identify these students and provide needed resources. Pre-service teachers must possess the skills needed to help this group of students be successful which also involves building healthy and positive relationships with their families. As a result of a lack of research on poverty curricula design, development and implementation, the authors’ purpose of the article was to share the

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