The Importance Of Propaganda In The Afghanistan War

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War has been ongoing for many years, but how does the government keep getting us to agree on these ongoing wars? What makes us partake in these long-waged wars, costing taxpayers trillions of dollars overall? The government has learned how to play on our emotions, our psyche, to gain our support for these wars as well as getting us to help fund them. The Afghanistan war has been the most profitable war to date, costing almost 4 trillion dollars and has been one of the longest wars. It has gone on since 2001 and is still going on to this day. Propaganda plays such a huge part in our wanting and agreeing upon these wars. It increases our patriotism, and our need to “fight back” against anyone that has brought us any harm. The government plays on our emotions to support there own agenda. Literature Review: On September 11, 2001, four planes were highjacked and deliberately flown into the twin towers, the pentagon, and one crashed in Pennsylvania. This killed nearly 3000 people and injured many more. This major event caused every person to get increasingly more invested in patriotism, leading to an increasing support for war. Propaganda gets used to appeal to people’s emotions in order to gain the support of the country to enter into wars. Many media outlets will lead a hatred filled attack, which will cause more people to become increasingly committed and supportive on an attack against the enemy and that victory against the people who attacked America. Patriotism became

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